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Sag Invest x 1% for the planet

Sag Invest partner of the 1% for the planet program Sag Invest is proud to be in partnership with environmental preservation associations. 1% for the planet is one of the associations we support, helping to preserve a healthier planet through actions financed by partner companies. Sag Invest is committed to

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Air pollution Panorama Paris Eiffel Tower Article Blog Sag Invest

Air pollution: the solutions?

What are the solutions to protect ourselves from it? According to the WHO, air pollution is the main environmental risk to human health in the world. Each year, exposure to indoor and outdoor pollution leads to the premature death of more than 7 million people worldwide. Low-income countries suffer the

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Comment Tendre Vers le Zero Dechet Article Blog Sag Invest

How to get to zero waste? 10 tips for 2021

How to go to zero waste? 10 tips for 2021 354 kilos. This is the amount of household waste produced per year and per inhabitant in France. Our garbage cans are overflowing and are often filled with all kinds of packaging and plastic that end up in the vast majority

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Lutter Contre La Pollution Usine Fumée Article Blog Sag Invest

Fight against pollution

Fight against pollution How can each of us contribute? In April 2020 during the containment, nitrogen dioxide levels were reduced by 40% and fine particulate matter levels were reduced by 10% according to CREA, preventing 1,230 deaths in France. This is proof that everyone can do something at their own

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Arbre Paysage Article Blog Sag Invest Eco Responsable

What is being eco-responsible? A short guide for everyone

What is being eco-responsible ? A short guide for everyone An eco-responsible person or entity strives to respect nature and the environment as much as possible. Don’t think that you have to go back in time and live isolated from civilization and society to be eco-responsible. You can change some habits

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